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"DISCIPLINE is choosing between what you want now and what you want most"

Abraham Lincoln

"TIME is what we want most and what we use worst"



Time Management

The purpose of this Productivity & Time Management course is to help you to be more productive and reduce your stress through better time, action and priority management. 

These tools are ALL incredibly useful for anyone typically trying to manage multiple competing issues and demands on their time. After completing this set of tools, you will have a great set of time management tools and techniques to practice and apply. 


Many people work themselves extremely hard to make a success of their lives - but are they working EFFECTIVELY? Could they be more productive if they managed their time better? 


The answer is almost definitely, "Yes". 


It's all about awareness. You can teach someone as many time management tricks and techniques as you like, but without awareness - without the knowledge of what they currently do, and how they sabotage themselves - they're going to continue making the same mistakes. And without understanding their priorities, and working on these priorities first, people's lives are going to fill up with less important things. Ultimately this is very unsatisfying - and this lack of satisfaction is often why people come to coaching - to achieve goals, dreams and be held accountable to make meaningful changes in their lives. 


Life is not all about productivity and being effective. There are many other important things like relationships, inner peace, life balance, fun, being of service etc. This course is not intended to promote that we work even harder and achieve more and more, it is about helping you be more effective with the time you have. 


Remember, of course, that your priorities in life will be a mixture of both work and personal. So what this course does is help you identify and prioritize what really matters - across your life and work. And then it gives you the tools and awareness to ensure priorities are prioritized! 


Let's get started! 

William Penn

Contemporary Boardroom

What's in the course for you?

- 2 phone or zooms, personal 1-2-1 coaching sessions (30mins each)

- Private FB group community

- Weekly group coaching Wednesday at 5:30 pm to discuss the    learning or open enrollment for coaching

- Exercises & lesson recording to go with learning for the week.  

  Sent on Monday by 8am 

      A) Crucial Time Management Concepts (weeks 1,2,3)

      B) Focused & Motivated (weeks 4, 5)

      C) Removing Obstacles to Effectiveness (weeks 6, 7, 8)


8 weeks of working on time management concepts including prioritizing and working on the important stuff before it becomes URGENT.  

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