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The purpose of these Self-Discovery is to specifically get to know yourself  better and express yourself more authentically in the world:

Who are you?

What do you love?

What really matters to you?

What do you value most about yourself?

Where might you be sabotaging yourself? 


In addition, to achieve success in life-with the most ease-we need to be congruent. Being congruent is when our actions align with our values and who we are.


After completing this workshop you will find knowledge about yourself that will bring focus, clarity and depth to take actions, habits, brainstorming, decision making, visioning and goal-setting. And you can learn to align you lives, priorities and actions with who you really are.


Self-Discovery Workshop  is done in a group setting on Zoom. 

Sunday night you will recieve an email with homework or exercise that will need to be compeleted and turned in by Tuesday night at 10pm.  This is so we can discuss during our group coaching on Wednesdy Nights at 7pm 



$149 - 7 week workshop

What's in the course for you?

       Private FB group community

       Weekly exercise sent on Monday by 8am

       Weekly group coaching Wednesday at         7pm to discuss the learning the week

Workshop Details

Where Might You Sabotage Yourself?

Week 1 - Draw Out Your Gremlin exercice

Boost Self-Confidence and Self-Awareness

Week 2 – What Makes My Heart Sing?

Week 3 –  Who am I?

Week 4  - Role Model Confidence Boosting

Go Deeper and Create a Positive Outlook

Week 5 – Identify your Personal Values

Week 6 – Daily Gratitude Diary Template

Week 7 – Intuition and Dream Symbol


7-week group workshop $149, Wednesday evenings

Feb 8th – Kick off Call and Wednesday

workshop begins at 7pm 


If not now, When?

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