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The Clearly Driven Leadership Program is a 12-month initiative for leaders to thrive in a dynamic business landscape. It focuses on empathy, connection, and understanding, going beyond traditional attributes. Participants explore performance, accountability, communication, and team dynamics. By the end, they become well-rounded leaders skilled in navigating complexities and driving success with a blend of traditional and contemporary skills.

Quarter 1 - Performance

Jan 16, Feb 20, *Mar 19

Quarter 2 - Accountability 

Apr 16, May 21 , *Jun 18

Quarter 3 - Communication

Jul 16, Aug 20, *Sep 17

Quarter 4 - Team

Oct 15, Nov 19, *Dec 17 

Clearly Connected Mastermind provides a distinctive opportunity for leaders seeking coaching, brainstorming, and peer accountability. This program combines education, knowledge sharing, and a supportive community to connect you with like-minded peers, helping you overcome challenges, set goals, and foster accountability. The Clearly Connected Mastermind community aims to facilitate growth and success for all participants.

The 90-Day PACT Program, offered by Clearly Driven, is a transformative initiative that accelerates personal and organizational growth. It focuses on four essential pillars: Performance, Accountability, Culture of Communication, and Team. This dynamic and results-driven program takes participants on a three-month journey, addressing every facet of leadership and team dynamics. By participating in Clearly Driven's 90-Day PACT Program, individuals gain actionable insights and skills that drive them towards leadership excellence and organizational success.

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