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Reflect on what you created last year to grow this year. 

Taking the time to review and celebrate our successes gives us the opportunity to really absorb how we've grown, and also to recognize and solidify the changes we've made in our lives. It's also important to ask ourselves deeper questions like, "What did I learn about myself?" and "What challenges did I overcome?" in addition to the usual focus on tangible achievements. 


You can do this with my Annual Goal Preparation.  This offering comes with a four-page exercise and 60 minutes you schedule with me to reflect and celebrate and also get clear only 2021's new growth. 

Purchase the exercise for $97 then book your 60-minute session with me.


Want to know more email me.  


Annual Goals Preparation

PART 1: Review & Celebrate Last Year!

Start by setting aside 30-45 minutes, and find somewhere you can relax and sink into these questions. Perhaps you're snug in a local coffee shop with your favorite latte, in front of the fire at home or in the bath with a herbal tea or glass of wine. Then answer these nine coaching questions to review and celebrate how the year went for you.

Important: Do your best to identify the full five items for each question - and answer them intuitively from the heart. This isn't about what "looks good" to others, instead think about what YOU are proud of - no matter how small or unimportant it might seem to others.

PART 2: Review And Take A Moment To Absorb Your Achievements

Now it's time to review your responses and absorb how it feels. Consider:

  • How do you feel as you look over your lists? What are the highlights?

  • What themes and patterns do you notice?

  • If there was one thing that stood out, what are you most proud of this year? Circle it!

Now, it's time for the part we usually skip over...

  • You've answered and reviewed the questions, now take a deep breath and really feel and celebrate all that you already are - and are becoming. Enjoy what you feel and absorb it. Stay here for 30 seconds, 60 seconds, two minutes.

  • Relax and stay awhile longer - proud of yourself, your achievements, what you learned and how you grew. Recognize yourself. See who you are and what you achieved this year!

  • What are you saying to yourself right now that you would like to remember and hold onto?

PART 3: Celebrate!

To wrap up this exercise, consider what reward you will give yourself or consider treating yourself to a day of clarity and manifestation.   


Because you purchased the COMPASS 2021 you get $25 off the next Vision Dashboard which makes the workshop only $75 in person and $24 virtual for you.  Register in the link below. 

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