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Who am I

I'm Mike Bruley, and I love what I do. I am curious and passionate about people and enjoy creating innovative ways to connect everyone together.  I’ve become so invested in helping others that I started life coaching and became a Gallup Strengths Coach while working in Corporate America.   Now not only do I have 25 years of knowledge working in Corporate America but I have diverse skills to help evaluate and bring solutions to Individuals and their Teams.

What I do

The benefits of hiring me, you will receive a proactive plan that will support you in leading individuals and teams successfully.   

Connect by developing new skills and mindset

Lead individuals to their highest achievements

Establish a plan for individuals, team, and organization

Administer valuable resources - behaviors, strengths, and talents

Represent an OUTSIDE perspective - another set of eyes



Driven by Integrity

Respectful in everything I do

Integrity in developing relationships

Vital accountability

Enthusiastic with communication

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